Walking for PCOS and Health

Great way to improve or maintain the health is to Walk.  Walking has number of health benefits.  Physical activity does not have to be vigorous to improve health.  Walking is low impact exercise that does not require any equipment or could be done with minimal equipment at any time of the day.   Walking is great form of physical activity for people who are overweight, weak or elderly people, or trying to lose or maintain weight.

Walking-1Exercise in any form releases feel good endorphins known as Happy Hormones.   It improves mood and decreases stress.  Walking helps to increase muscle strength, improve balance, reduce body fat, helps make bone stronger.   When it comes to weight management or losing weight, Walking does count on as calories are burned.  Walking is an excellent exercise to burn calories. 

People who find walking difficult can start with 10 mins walking and gradually increase as per their pace.  Walking is very helpful to improve or manage conditions as PCOS, Hypertension, High Cholesterol and Diabetes.

Walking at least 4-5 times a week or almost every day for 35 minutes is great way to improve or maintain your health.   Include walking daily in your routine by either taking Stairs instead of Lift, Walk alone, Walk with pet or friends, Walk on pavements, footpaths, walk on beach, walk up hills, walk  inside or outside or around your office.   Our bodies get used to physical activity, so continue to increase your walking pace by gradually increasing   your walking speed by doing quick walking, walking up hills, walking with weights or backpack (hiking), Walking for longer.


When going for a walk, best way to warm up is to start walk slowly so that muscles get enough time to warm up and then slowly increase your speed. It’s always best to have a good pair of shoes and dress lightly and comfortable clothes so that when body temperature rises, and sweating increases one can continue walking.

Wearing a Pedometer or Activity Tracker or Fitness Tracker while walking is recommended to measure the number of steps you walk every day.  This may motivate you to move by giving timely reminders to start and achieve your daily goal of walking.  The number of steps recommended is 10,000 steps or more to achieve health benefits.

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