Snow Hike to Panorama Point at Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier National Park is the most iconic place in State of Washington that is visited by thousands of visitors and locals during all seasons.  Mount Rainier is famous for being an active volcano cloaked with snow and topped with glaciers, surrounded by valleys, mountain ranges, meadows, waterfalls, rivers and a treasure chest for nature and adventure lovers. 

Paradise located at 5400 feet at Mount Rainier is the most gorgeous place to visit and is open all year around.  Panorama point at elevation of 7000 feet offers dazzling close view of Mount Rainier and stunning distant views of Mount St Helens, Mounts Adams, Mount Hood on a clear day.

Mount Rainier from Skyline Trail to Panorama Point
How small are we in front of the Mother Nature?
Snow Hike to Panorama Point

On one fine sunny day, we started our drive to Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park.  Arrived at around 12.30 pm at Henry M Jackson Visitor Center parking lot.  Parking lot was full.  After circling around the parking lot for 5-10 minutes we were able to secure a parking spot in Main Parking lot.  To get the latest information and updates on Trail conditions and avalanche prone zone we checked in to visitor center and got the trail status and the below map from the Rangers.  

Map of Panorama Point trail for hiking
Map to Panorama Point

Hike to Panorama Point/Skyline trail

  • Round trip – 5.0 Miles.
  • Elevation Start – 5400 feet.
  • Gain: 1600 feet
  • Highest Point: 7070 feet.

Rangers at Visitor Center told us that the Trail was unmarked, buried in more than 9 feet of snow and we should proceed if we have direction and navigation skills. Also we were informed to follow the footsteps imprint on snowy trails on own risks. 

We have been to Paradise many times and were quite aware of the uphill area near the visitor center.  This was our first time on trail to Panorama point.  Without wasting much time, we started our hike with our hiking essentials and with Snow shoes and Hiking poles.   It was bright sunny at Paradise. 

On trail to Panorama Point View of Jackson Visitor Center from uphill
View of Jackson Visitor Center from uphill

Starting on the trail near Visitor Center, there were many visitors enjoying the photo shoot in snow with Mount Rainier outstanding in background, kids playing and doing disk sledding in the snow.  Moving ahead on the trail when Visitor center in back goes out of the sight we hardly met 8-9 hikers/ skiers heading towards Panorama Point through Skyline trail. 

Hiking to Panorama Point with family
Visitor Center out of Sight from back ground – On trail to Panorama Point

We observed few people enjoying the Solitude of the Mount Rainier along with us. As it was sunny, the snow brightness was blinding the eyes.  Good Sun Protection Safari Cap, full sleeves and Sunglasses were the need and glad we were having all.

Brightness of Snow hurting without googles
For a moment I removed my sun glasses and Brightness of snow was way strong
Hiking to Panorama Point
Can you see people at base of up hill to Panorama point.
Hiking to Panorama Point /Skyline trail
Little close view of Up hill climb to Panorama Point and the chute for glissading.

 I was capturing photos of Skiers and some recordings of Skiers enjoying skiing with Mount Rainier in back ground.  When we were almost 1/3 rd. portion away from the Panorama Point, the climb to the point was much steep and Inclined approx. about 70-80 feet high. 

Skiers skiing from Panorama Point/Skyline trail
View of Skiers skiing from Panorama point /Skyline trail

Saw few hikers turning back from this point avoiding the climb of hill. Many hikers were doing glissading during them descend on this incline portion. There was a chute for glissading which was nearly 4 feet wide.  After observing and assessing the incline path on slope hill, we started our climb on the steep portion.  My son was uncomfortable climbing this incline portion in his snow shoes so he removed his snow shoes and then he and my hubby climbed the portion easily and reach above top area.

Hiking on Panorama Point steep hill
Started to Climb on steep hill, My son removed his snow shoes

And then I started my climb on incline portion.  Soon I realized I was not able to climb with my snow shoes and I was losing my balance. I was stuck on the incline slope for around 15-20 minutes.  I was scared as I was not able to move ahead nor move down.  Remember I am scared of heights.  I was feeling failure in myself as the thought of not reaching to Point was bothering me.  Two other hikers crossed me on the steep portion saying kind words that I can do it.  I observed them reaching the top and disappearing out of sight. 

Stuck with snow shoes on hill at Panorama point
Am stuck on steep hill, hubby capturing my pics
Hikers passed me while am stuck on hill
See am the tiny one at third and last on the steep hill. Pic captured from the top of hill

I was trying my best to move but I was falling, sliding back and managing myself to not to stumble down 70 feet the incline slope.  Soon I realized I need to remove my snow shoes as it were making my climb difficult.  But to my disappointment they got stuck hard with my hiking shoes. 

And on the steep hill I could not manage to remove them by myself.  After some time to my relief, my hubby came down to my help on steep portion and helped me remove my snow shoes.  And alas I was able to climb the snowy steep hill in my hiking boots. 

On reaching Panorama Point top of hill
View from top of hill at Panorama Point. Mount St Helen in far distant

The Lesson learnt, snow shoes are good to have for walk on flat snow surface but on incline surface they are just burden.  Assess your own risk and feasibility. Micro spikes or Crampons or hiking shoes/boots with good traction are the best to climb the steep hill. 

We had our micro spikes but as we were using snow shoes, we didn’t carry micro spikes in our back pack.  Otherwise Climbing incline snowy hill would be much of ease with micro spikes.

Hike to Panorama point
Reached Panorama Point

By the time we reach to the Panorama point, the sky was covered by clouds and atmosphere became much cooler.  The far view of Mount Adam, Mount Saint Helen and the closer view of Mount Rainier were incredible and Majestic.   After clicking some photos, soon we started descending back as we had lost much of the time in climbing in last hill.

Hike to Panorama point. View of Mount ST Helens from Panorama Point
Distant View of Mount St Helens from Panorama Point. Mount St Helen erupted in 1980 resulting to its current shape

Again, descending the steep hill was a challenge.  Many hikers were doing the glissading in the snow chute and were reaching the base of hill in no time.  We were scared to do glissading. But after walking down half hill we gave glissading a try. 

It was scary but we enjoyed doing it. And we were at base of hill in just few seconds. My kid enjoyed glissading the most.    But one needs to be very careful while doing glissading.   Hiking gears like hiking poles, snow shoes or ice axe needs to be properly attached to your back pack to avoid getting injured by them during glissading.

Thinking to glissading at Panorama point
Mom and son going to Chute to try glisadding

On the way back we didn’t use snow shoes as the snow on the trail was compacted enough with no post holing.  And we came a crossed few skiers who were skiing their way down to the trail head and to parking lot. 

Carrying back snow shoes hiking to Panorama Point
Hiking back to trail head. See the Mount St Helen in distant view

By the time we reached back to Parking lot,  the Visitor center was closed and there were few cars in parking lot.   It was beyond 6.00 Pm and we thought the gate would close but the gate (road leading to Paradise) at Longmire was opened. 

This was our first-time adventure climbing the slope on hill and later glissading.   Apart from excitement, the views from Panorama point were breath taking.

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.

John Lubbock

Family Hike to Panorama Point
See how sunny it was when we started our hike.
Climate changes soon in mountains.
Hiking to Panorama Point
Heading back to Trail head

View of Panorama point is much different and beautiful after the snow completely melts out in Summer.  The meadow at Panorama point flourishes with wild colorful flowers and green plants in warmer days.   We will definitely go back to Panorama point to see the summer beauty.

Do you like Snow shoe hikes or hiking in snow. Give a read to “Easy Snow Shoes trails at Mount Rainier National Park” that can be done with family and kids. And if you are not interested for hiking, then you can still visit Mount Rainier National Park . It is best for drive through the Park with many spots to pull over and enjoy the beauty of nature. Do read on “Must Visit Places at Mount Rainier National Park”.

Hike to Panorama Point. Tourist at Henry M Jackson visitor center
Tourist at Henry M Jackson visitor center
Majestic view of Mount Rainier
How small we are in front of mother nature? Can you spot people?

Have you been to Panorama Point in any season?   Feel free to comment below and let me know if you have been to Panorama point at Mount Rainier National Park and what was most amazing thing you enjoyed.

Stay Healthy and Happy.  Enjoy Hiking….

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  1. Anna Joseph

    WOW…what an adventure. Funny, I had my Thyroid removed 15 years ago due to cancer, and have been an avid hiker for over 30 years. So I keep hikin’ much, even when my body says no more. I once felt I was a 4×4 hiking junkie, now I feel I’m a mini van trying to keep up with my dreams. So far nothing has made me stop, but now at age 57 I’m starting to feel the slowdown. Guess the gym will have to keep me going so I can keep on hikn’ in the high altitude. LOVE YOUR BLOG, and KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ YOURSELF 🙂

    1. Vow, so glad to know you have been hiking for 30 years along with fight with cancer and thyroid removal surgery. Much Respect for you. Believe me Hiking is the new Therapy. Myself a PCOS and Hypothyroidism fighter. Hiking has given me strength that I never had in my past years. I would love to continue hiking till my body supports me. I wish I could continue to hike at your age. I ‘ll say to listen to your body and slowdown when needed but the inner hiker will excel up to hike and relax in lap of mother nature. Thank you very much Anna for giving a read to my blog and leaving kind motivating words.

  2. I love hiking! I try and do it as often as possible. I haven’t been to Washington or Mt. Rainer but I am looking forward to it as you you had an amazing experience ! Those views are amazing!

  3. Sarah

    Nothing like the view from the top! I’ve had the privilege to climb three different mountain ranges in two continents. Nothing like my cousins just did though, they just finished climbing Aconcagua in Argentina – north and south America’s highest peak. They want to go to Himalayas or South Africa next. They’re doing it as a father-son bonding time bucket list.

    1. Vow your cousins seems to be expert hikers and climbers . Climbing Aconcagua is considered dangerous climb after Mount Everest in which one needs to have survival skills and deal with lack of oxygen. All the best to them on their next adventure. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. faecelinee

    wow this is amazing, I am not really that into hiking, I get tired too easily but I have always thought about doing it. It’s much more beautiful if there is snow, I haven’t seen one yet. I am actually planning to hike Mt Fuji on our next trip to Japan

    1. It was wonderful hike. Yes hiking require some strength but any one can start with hiking the easy trails first. Glad to know you are planning for Mt Fuji hike. Will be looking forward to read on that. Thank you Fae for giving a read.

  5. peasantsdaughter

    I love this. I hike, but I’ve never done anything in snow….I’m not sure if I would to be honest so reading about it and seeing your pictures might be as far as that gets lol.

  6. wow..that was undeniably an unforgettable moment! The view is really breathtaking and it is indeed worth the hike. I’m sure that was fun doing it with your own family. 🙂

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