WaterFalls of Mount Rainier National Park Washington

Are you visiting Seattle and want to take one day trip to Mount Rainier National Park to hike some of the best hiking trails with beautiful view of the volcano- Mount Rainier? Then this is for you.

Waterfalls of Mount Rainier National Park Washington USA

Mount Rainier National Park visit can be an easy 1-day trip or multi-day camping destination for any type of traveler.  The National Park  is treasure source of marvelous hiking trails.  There are number of hikes that can be categorize in landscape options such as waterfalls, high look out points, meadows with wildflower with stunning background of the volcano itself.

This time we decided for waterfall hiking at Mount Rainier National Park.  The best time to see Water falls for any destination is Spring or the early Summer as there’s good amount of rain and the snow melts.  This holds true for Mount Rainier National Park too.

View of Comet Falls , Mount Rainier National Park Washington USA
View of Comet Falls , Mount Rainier National Park Washington USA

I have put together what I consider the must-see waterfalls that are easily accessible in the park.  As you know, I like to give travel tips that are efficient for family travel and family hiking.  There are hundred options for seeing the waterfalls at Mount Rainier, but I do what’s best for family activity.

Water Falls of Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is at 2 hours drive from Seattle. The best route to enter National Park is through the Nisqually Entrance (Highway 706) to reach the waterfalls trail head.

Comet Falls

Comet Falls Mount Rainier National Park
Comet Falls Mount Rainier National Park

The Comet Falls trail head is located 4 miles east of Longmire on the road towards Paradise. Parking space is limited for this well-known waterfall hike. The reason is Christine Falls near by that crosses the road and so many visitors park to take few photos.  There is no overflow parking.  One needs to either start early in morning or park at different trail head or wait for some one to leave from the parking lot.

Limited Parking at Comet Falls Trail Head Parking Lot.

Hike Stats
Distance: 3.8 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: 1250 feet
Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult

Comet Falls trail start next right to parking lot with stairs leading to elevated land.  We love good elevation gain when the hiking destination is the reason. The trail starts with green dense forest and then in no time reaching the wooden bridge across Van trump Creek.

Wooden Bridge over Van Trump Creek
Wooden Bridge over Van Trump Creek
Wooden Bridge over Van Trump Creek
Wooden Bridge over Van Trump Creek

Then the character of the trail changes to rocky steep climb with many switch backs with narrow gorge on left with lot of gushing water sound.  There is a steep steps crib ladder that is fixed and must be climbed and descended on the way back at approx. 1.2 miles. This Hike gives you the exercise you are looking for with good climbing over steep rocks .

Crib Ladder on Comet Falls trail Mount Rainier National Park
Crib Ladder on Comet Falls trail

Along the trail, we encountered plenty of small waterfalls and streams running parallel to the trail.   After passing through forest green covers, we reach a point where we need to cross the log bridge over a gushing stream of water.  The stream of water comes from the beautiful Bloucher falls.  

Log Bridge across stream at Bloucher Falls
Log Bridge across stream at Bloucher Falls

The Bloucher falls have crystal clear water flowing over rocky land cutting and carving the rocks.  It has many places to sit and enjoy the view of greenery, moss and the click few photos. We knew that we were near to Comet Falls from the roaring sound of the falls nearby. 

View of  Comet Falls after the Bloucher Falls at Mount Rainier
View of Comet Falls after the Bloucher Falls at Mount Rainier

Walking few steps up the little hill, the breathtaking view of Comet Falls pops up.  From there it’s an easy walk towards the base of the falls.  Comet falls has an impressive height of 392 feet and is the tallest fall in the Mount Rainier National Park.

Enjoying Roaring Sound and Cool Mist of Comet Falls
Enjoying Roaring Sound and Cool Mist of Comet Falls

It is most beautiful and wonderful place to sit, enjoy the roaring sound of waterfalls, with cool mist touching the skin and watch the nature. Comet Falls is named because it resembles the tail of a comet. 

Waterfalls at Mount Rainier National Park

Christine Falls

College Boys with US Flag on Christine Falls Bridge
College Boys with US Flag on Christine Falls Bridge

Christine falls is waterfall on Van Trump Creek and most easily accessible falls. It is approx. 0.2 miles from Comet Falls trail head or 4.2 miles from Longmire.  It is famous pull out view point and most picturesque as the viewpoint is below the falls with amazing national Park rustic stone bridge in front of it.  You can view the Christine falls from the road or can take two minutes’ walk down to the view point.

Christine Falls View Point Mount Rainier
Christine Falls View Point

Narada falls

Narada Falls is famous pull out view point with ample parking space and place for picnic tables to enjoy snacks or lunch with rest rooms nearby.  The waterfall drops 188 feet in two tiers of 168 feet and 20 feet. The Falls can be viewed from Parking lot.  

Narada Falls at Mount Rainier National Park
Narada Falls

But the best view point is at .2-mile hike down and back up.  Hike is very short, but it is somewhat steep that require some exertion. It’s worth a stop on the way to Paradise.

Myrtle Falls

Myrtle Falls is the most picturesque waterfall tumbling down 72 feet in to a gorge with snow capped Mount Rainier in background.

Myrtle Falls at Paradise Mount Rainier National Park
Myrtle Falls

Myrtle Falls hike is an easy hike from Henry’ M Jackson Visitor Center parking lot at Paradise.  It is about a mile with paved road leading to the falls and then few steep stairs towards the view point. You can take strollers on this trail. 

Paved Road trail to Myrtle Falls
Paved Road trail to Myrtle Falls

We did this hike recently and there were few patches of snow to cross by. The log bridge over the Myrtle falls is famous for photo shots. There were a lot of marmots and deer around the falls area that were fun to watch. The wild flowers were bloomed in the meadow ahead of Myrtle falls.

There are many Water falls hikes that can be done at Mount Rainier. We enjoyed hiking to Comet Falls.

Wild Flowers bloom at Paradise Mount Rainier
Wild Flowers started to bloom at Paradise

Are you looking for other scenic places that are must a visit at Mount Rainier National Park from pull out viewpoints or with easiest hike, then check out post on “Must Visit Places at Mount Rainier National Park” 

The beauty of Mount Rainier National Park never disappoints in any season.  May it be Summer, Falls or Winter. The view of Mount Rainier National Park in winter is as mesmerizing and Unique.

If you want to avoid the Summer crowds and want to experience the Solitude, then do check how this beauty looks in winter Snow Cloak do read on post on “Hike to Panorama Point at Mount Rainier” or “Family Hikes -Snow Shoes Trails at Mount Rainier

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Waterfalls of Mount Rainier National Park
WaterFalls at Mount Rainier National Park Washington USA

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