Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review

Are you looking for multipurpose travel backpack that you can carry for adventurous travel or work-related travel?  Then this is for you. After doing lot of online search for travel backpack that fits my purpose, I came across Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack.  I am so excited to share about my favorite travel backpack review.

Before any journey begins, before hitting the road or before any take off we must take first step of packing our necessities. It is important to choose right packing and traveling equipment kit. Hauling a regular suitcase on your travel is a huge drag and pain. If you are adventurous traveler, then the minimalist travel backpack is the best choice.

Nayo Almighty Review
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack

If you are reading my blog for some time you might be knowing how much I love visiting new places traveling and doing hiking adventures with my family.  You might have read my blog on Essentials Things to carry on road trips. We always make sure to pack all the essential things needed for road trips along with our hiking gears.  Minimalist packing allows us to travel with ease and comfort.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review

We have taken our Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack on our two-family trips – Long weekend camping at Mount Rainier National Park, 2 days road trip to Oregon and short business trip.  The travel backpack was perfect, and we look on using this backpack for our upcoming travel adventures.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review

Shipping and Delivery of Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack

The delivery of package was done through USPS. I got the package much sooner after clearing the customs.  Package was free from any packing materials. No extra labels or tags and I love that.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Nayo Almight Travel Backpack

Nayo Almighty Travel Back pack- Details and Design

The Nayo Almighty Travel Back Pack comes in two sizes. 

  • Large – 32 liter (51 L x 17 W x 35 H cm)
  • Normal – 25 liter (46 L x 16 W x 32 H cm)
Nayo Almighty Travel Back Pack - Empty Back Pack
Nayo Almighty Travel Back Pack – Empty Back Pack

I got the Large backpack that has 32 liter capacity. When empty, Large size travel backpack weighs only 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg).  The quality and the material are incredible which was obvious from the moment I opened the package. 

The backpack material is a heavy-duty fabric with water proof coating making the backpack durable and water resistant.  All zippers and other hardware’s are very durable. The top handle, the shoulder straps and the chest straps are comfortable when the back pack is fully loaded.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack – Large Size
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Almighty Travel Backpack tested on rainy hiking trip
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review -Smart Travel Backpack

How Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack is different from other Carry on or travel backpacks?

I always used to pack my clothes and personal items in a backpack as they are easy to carry and store all things in one place.  The only thing I don’t like of my previous backpack was it opens from the top which results in messing around other things kept in backpack.  And I always struggled to stay organized resulting in loss of time.  

But with Nayo Almighty backpack this is not the case. Almighty Travel backpack is way different from other backpacks.  It has many well-designed multiple compartment, pockets and storage bags that helps to stay organized.

Nayo Almighty back pack has more than 20 pockets – 1 large compartment, padded internal Laptop inter layer, padded tablet inter layer, 2 storage pocket holders, side pocket holders for storing power bank, inner secret zipper pocket, 2 extra Storage / Accessory bags – 1 for toilet accessories, 1 for personal accessories like gadgets cables.   There are few more little pockets inside and outside, so staying organized is very easily done.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review

Almighty’s Compartment and Pockets

Main Compartment

The Main Compartment is very spacious that splits half on one side for gadget inter layers and the other half for stacking clothes. There is a mesh that separates main compartment from the gadget inter layers.  The mesh can be zipped so that the clothes or other things remain in place. There are many side pockets and secret pocket.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Main Compartment – One Side Gadget Inter Layers and Other Side behind Mesh Layer

Laptop ,Tablet Inter layers and 2 Storage Pocket Holders

The Large Size Backpack’s Padded Laptop compartment easily fits 17.3 inch laptop and smaller device of size 7 inch easily fits in tablet inter layer.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Gadgets Inter Layers and Storage Pockets stowed with gadgets and accessories
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Inner Side pockets stowed with Power bank and other gadgets
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Secret Pocket

If you are not carrying Laptop or tablet, then the Inter layer compartments can be filled with light clothes likes undergarments, socks or books, journals etc.

Front Compartment, Key Holder, Pen holder, 2 Mobile/gadget holders

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Front Compartment with Key Holder , Pen Holder and 2 more holders

Anti Theft Inter Layer

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Anti Theft Pocket with hidden zippers
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Top Pocket for easy access to stored accessories

2 Extra Storage/Accessory bags

  • 1 Storage Bag for Toilet Accessories
  • 1 Storage Bag for Gadgets, Cables, Storage Drive etc

 The Toilet Accessories Storage bag is kind of washable bag from inside that can be used to store brush, toothpaste, travel sized bottles of lotion, shampoo.  This bag comes with a lovely hook and It comes very handy when using a shared bathroom.  Just hang it, use your toiletries, take shower, get ready, close and pack it.  You can see in the below pic what all I packed in it.

In Second extra accessory bag, I stored my charging cable of mobile, power bank, storage drive.  You can put many other stuffs that you wish to carry.  If you are going to charge up your mobile or tablet on the go then you can put charging cable and the power bank in other holders.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Extra Toilet Accessories Bag
Toilet Accessories Bag
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Storage Bag filled with Cables and other gadgets

As I said staying organized with Almighty backpack is very easier.  These two detachable accessories bags help to segregate things as per user necessities. The two extra bags remain attached to the backpack with the given Velcro. If you don’t want to use these 2 extra storage bags just remove them, you will get more space to store other stuff.

External USB Charging Port

We love this feature very much. There is USB charging port on outside of the Almighty travel backpack. If you run out of the battery and need to charge your mobile, then this is the best thing. Just connect your charging cable, mobile and put in any pockets that is in your reach while the power bank is securely stacked inside the back pack.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Charging the Mobile using the External USB Port.

Private Pockets

Small Private Pockets on both shoulder strap gives easy access to store any cards like transit pass or office key card.  You don’t need to open your wallet or backpack for it. There is a holder to hook your Shades on shoulder strap. The whistle on the Sternum strap is of great use in outdoors.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Private Pockets on Shoulder Straps for easy access to Transit pass or Office Proximity card

Ergonomic Design

The EVA molded padding on back and the shoulder straps makes us feel comfortable even when we were carrying fully loaded backpack.   Also, we noted that the EVA molded padding kept us cool on back when we were hiking.  EVA is super light weight material that is flexible and provides cushion and also it is waterproof.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review

Metal Handle

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Strong Metal Handle to carry Almighty Travel Backpack

Rear Strap to fix backpack on Luggage

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Hang on the Rear Strap to your rolling Luggage

Back Pocket

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Back Pocket for Storing Passports or Travel Documents

Why it is perfect for traveling families?

Families doing road trips knows the hassle of packing and unpacking while moving from one place to another.  In past, we have always carried top opening backpacks for most of our trips.  I remember from my previous long-distance road trip to Glacier National Park in month of June 2019 how much time I wasted keeping my stuff organized.

But with Nayo Almighty Backpack packing and unpacking is much easier as the backpack opens like a suitcase. You get to see and access all clothes, accessories. Just grab what you are looking for and other things remains in place.  

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review

On our recent camping trip, I used Almighty Backpack for packing my stuff as I always pack on the higher side. I packed for three days for my kid and my clothes. I was not carrying the laptop during my camping trip, so I used Laptop Inter layer compartment to fit in my kid’s clothes.

Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Almighty Backpack packed with 6 pairs of clothes with other personal gadgets and accessories
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Clothes intact below the messed layer

On our return journey , we stopped at famous hiking place. And we hiked with our Nayo Almighty backpack. It was a warm day and we carried a cool Soda Can.  To our surprise after hiking for hours Soda Can was still cooler. The Insulated Side Bottle Holder Pocket works for what it claims.

Hiking with Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack
Hiking with Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack
Nayo Almighty Backpack - Insulated Side Bottle Holder
Nayo Almighty Backpack – Insulated Side Bottle Holder

Cleaning the bag is also very simple and easy.  Use a damp soft cloth to wipe sand or dust from outer body.

Why it is perfect for work related trips or business trips?

Nayo Almighty Backpack is great carry on and perfect for short business trips.  My husband got to use this backpack in his recent work-related trip, and he carried Nayo Almighty for his domestic air travel in USA.  We packed laptop, tablet, Camera, personal and clothes accessories good for two business days. Still there was lot of space left to accommodate more clothes.

Clothes and Personal Accessories packing for Business Trip
Clothes and Personal Accessories packing for Business Trip
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack
Almighty Travel Backpack filled with all the above stuff
Nayo Almighty on Business Trip -Smart Travel Backpack
Nayo Almighty Backpack on Business Trip

 Almighty Travel Backpack is perfect for adventurous people who would like to drive to hiking trail heads right after the office hours. My husband grab one such opportunity after the work got over on business trip. And he was comfortable carrying Almighty Backpack on his hiking adventure with his friends. He is very much happy with the comfort, space and ease to carry Almighty back pack that he has already recommended his colleagues to get one.

We are happy with all the features of Nayo Almighty Travel backpack.  In fact, we are loving this backpack and are planning to take it on our future adventures.  As I mentioned earlier the material and the quality is the best and durable making it the perfect choice of minimalist modern traveler.

Nayo Almighty Review
WaterProof Nayo Smart – Almighty
Nayo Almighty Review

Nayo Almighty proves to be a perfect backpack not only for men but also for women travelers. With more than 20 pockets, extra storage bags, insulated bottle holder and zip opening the backpack as a suitcase, staying organized is as smooth as cool air breeze. It is worth the purchase and you would love it.  And if you are not happy then Nayo Smart does have 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Are you thinking to get your Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack?  Nayo Almighty are on sale for some limited time. You can purchase using this link. -> Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack.

Get huge discount of 15% on your entire order using this link -> Nayo Smart Backpack and the code “TRAVELHIKE” specially made for my blog followers and readers.  This offer is valid only till October 26.

NayoSmart provided our family with Nayo EXP Travel Back Pack for review. As always, all opinions are my own, and I am not being compensated for a positive review. Thank you to NayoSmart for sponsoring this post.

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Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review
Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack Review

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