Nayo EXP Backpack Review

Nayo EXP Review
Nayo EXP Travel Backpack

As you all know, this summer I got to use my Nayo Almighty Travel Backpack on our road trips, hiking and camping adventures and how much I liked using it and staying organized.  Again, I am excited to share my in-depth and practical review on Nayo EXP Backpack.  The company sent us another backpack – Nayo EXP to test and review. 

Since I am a family traveler, I had mostly used suitcases as my travel luggage in my past trips and journeys.  I must admit If I had the backpack on my back, it would have been more adventurous, convenient and simpler.  

My Experience with Nayo EXP Backpack

Nayo EXP Backpack Review

I got to use the Nayo EXP carry on backpack on my recent road trips visiting Unique attractions in Seattle Washington and Mount Rainier National Park.  I was carrying my fully loaded Nayo EXP backpack stuffed with warm clothes and snow gears for family of 3.  Both were weekend trips and It was huge relief to roam around hilly streets of Seattle downtown and Mount Rainier National Park in freezing cold without much efforts of carrying the Nayo EXP backpack.   

The durable and water-resistant material of backpack is perfect for all weather travel. I am looking forward taking my Nayo EXP backpack on our future adventures.

Nayo EXP on trip to Mount Rainier National Park
Nayo EXP backpack review
Nayo EXP on road trip visiting Snoqualmie Falls near Seattle.

Who are Nayo Smart

Nayo EXP backpack review
Nayo Smart's Nayo EXP backpack review

NayoSmart is an innovative design company that focus on creating comfortable backpacks with a minimalist esthetic.  They understand the travel market and traveler’s worries as they themselves are travelers. They want to simplify the designs and give best and smart travel backpacks for work, travel and life that fulfills needs of travelers. 

Nayo Smart backpacks are made from heavy duty fabric that is durable and with waterproof coating, making the backpack suitable for all types of climate.  Nayo’s smart travel backpack are best carry on backpacks, perfect for adventurous traveler who loves to jump right from work to outdoor adventure with just one travel backpack.

Other travel backpacks Nayo Smart make includes the Nayo Almighty, Nayo Combo, Nayo Anti -theft Shell, Nayo Defensor, Nayo Rover.

Features of Nayo EXP Backpack

Nayo EXP Backpack Technical details

Size: 25 Liters (zipped), 40 Liters (expanded)
Dimensions (zipped/compressed): 50 L x 15 W x 31 H cm
Dimensions (Full expanded): 50 L x 25 W x 31 H cm
Size of the laptop sleeve: Fits 17” laptop
Made of: 600D high density polyester with waterproof, polyurethane coating
Weight: 1.1 kg

Sleek Low-Profile Design

The sleek rectangular shape and black water-resistant fabric doesn’t stand out, which is perfect for a traveler who wants to blend into local crowd without drawing unwanted attention of being a “Tourist”. I love the look and feel of the backpack.  The backpack has been designed with lots of pockets, some hidden and with great scope of staying organized while on travel.

Nayo EXP Backpack Review

Easy to Pack

Front Compartment

The front compartment is accessible from the top of backpack and it opens widely.  There are 4 pockets – two pen holders and two pocket holders perfect for holding pocket sized e-readers, journals or travel documents.  Front compartment is great to stack with Folders/Files that are needed handy during business meetings or to keep important travel documents during air journey.

Nayo EXP backpack review
Nayo EXP – Front Compartment with pocket sized gadgets, pens and journal

Middle Compartment

Middle Compartment- Stowed with warm clothes and Personal items in Netted pocket holder

The Nayo EXP main middle compartment splits in to two sides.  One side with two mesh netted pocket holders and the other side for stacking the clothes behind zipped mesh layer.  The net layer lets you store clothes separately from other personal belongings.

The main thing that I love is the ability to expand this compartment by unzipping the zippers on side of the backpack and this compartment grows deeper by 10 cm transforming the backpack from 25 Liters to 40-liter capacity.  Depending on your need you can zipped and compressed the backpack.  I was able to store 2 pairs of clothes in compressed mode and when fully expanded I was able to fit in warm clothes, a beanie, warm gloves and winter cap.

Nayo EXP review
Nayo EXP – Ready to get loaded with these winter travel items

The second-best thing that I love of main compartment is that it lets you open the backpack as a suitcase.  So, it is very easy when you just want to pull out a particular cloth without messing other things in backpack.  This compartment can be accessed from the top for easy access to things like folders, documents or scarf or light shawl that can be store in between the two net layers.

The other side of Main Middle Compartment has two mesh zipper pockets that are good to put in items that can get easily tangled or lost like cables, chargers, external HDD drive, socks, undergarments etc.  Nayo EXP backpack is great for short term travel for a week depending on your minimalist packing skills.

Nayo EXP Laptop Compartment

The Padded Laptop Compartment easily fits 17-inch laptop with sturdier walls that fits perfectly on back.  There is another holder that can be stowed with 9.7 inch iPad or kindle or handy journal.  If you are not carrying Laptop or tablet, then the Laptop compartments can be filled with light clothes likes undergarments, socks or books, journals etc.

Nayo EXP backpack review
Laptop Compartment filled with Laptop, Ipad and document Folders

External USB port for charging

The most loved featured of a modern traveler. There is USB charging port on outside of the Nayo EXP travel backpack.  You can charge your mobile on the go by connecting the charging cable and mobile with power bank securely stacked inside the backpack.

Nayo EXP Backpack Review
Easy to charge mobile with External USB Port

Additional Features

Nayo EXP Back Pocket

On the back side of backpack there is a back pocket for storing important travel documents, paper, wallets or valuable things that remains in close touch of body.

Nayo EXP review - Back Hidden Pocket
Nayo EXP – Back Hidden Pocket

Rear Strap to fix backpack on Luggage

Above the hidden pocket, there is rear strap which can be fixed on rolling suitcase luggage.

Private Pocket

Private Pocket on shoulder strap gives easy access to store transit card or office key cards. The whistle on the Sternum strap is of great use in outdoors or in emergency.

Nayo EXP backpack Review
Nayo EXP – Secret Pocket with easy access

Anti Theft Inter Layer

Nayo EXP Review
Store travel maps or important documents for easy access in Anti theft InterLayer

Hold Nayo EXP like a Briefcase

Nayo EXP Backpack review
Nayo EXP can be held like a briefcase with the second handle.

Super Comfortable and light to carry

I was carrying this backpack fully loaded utilizing the space and I felt comfortable and didn’t realize how much weight I was carrying.  The 12mm EVA molded padding on back and shoulder strap disperse the weight load. I think this is the best carry on travel backpack for women and is super comfortable to carry and molds to shape of your body.

Nayo EXP Review

Great for City Travel, Road trips  

I think Nayo EXP backpack is great for city travel.  It can be headache rolling a suitcase on busy streets walking among the crowd and many legs tripping over the suitcase. With backpack on the back it is easy to take stairs and walk on hilly streets.  Hands and eyes can get engage in some other thing instead of just dragging a suitcase.  The comfortable padded shoulder straps make you feel the comfort.

Nayo EXP Backpack review
Nayo EXP on Seattle trip

Great for Business Trips or Training program trips

Nayo EXP backpack is perfect for work related business trips or few days training program trips. With Front and Laptop compartments that fits all the electronics, gadgets, folders, books, stationary, documents and Laptop serve the purpose of office/college bag. And the middle compartment that fits in clothes and other personal items good for few days or a week serve the purpose of carry on backpack. All in one Backpack.

Nayo EXP Review
Nayo EXP
Nayo EXP – All compartments accessible from top

Great for Carry on backpack in Air travel

Nayo EXP Backpack Review
Nayo EXP backpack review
Nayo EXP fully expanded

Nayo EXP backpack is perfect for carry on baggage and you don’t need to bother to carry Checked in luggage. As the Nayo EXP backpack middle compartment can easily fits clothes for few days or a week. Also, the backpack easily fits in the overhead luggage compartment. 

You can avoid extra $50 fees for checked in luggage by taking only Nayo EXP as your only carry on.  As in America for domestic travel, they don’t weight your carry-on bags. It just must be of certain size. Nayo EXP backpack is mostly suitable for all airlines but make sure to check with the airline you flying.

You can spend your saved checked in baggage fees of $50 in some shopping elsewhere.  And in case if you are traveling with the rolling checked luggage along with Nayo EXP backpack, then the rear strap of Nayo EXP can be fixed to rolling suitcase and you can move with ease on airport terminals.

Affordable Price for great quality

Nayo EXP backpack review

The Nayo EXP backpack costs $142 but special sale gets you this amazing backpack in $88 when purchased online here.  This is great price for the high-quality bag, and it offers ease of travel. I am sure you will find that it is the best carry on travel backpack for modern day travelers.

The material, zippers/hardware are durable. The handles and shoulder straps are comfortable when backpack is full. We are happy with all features of Nayo EXP backpack and are planning to take it on our future adventures.

Are you a carry-on travel backpack fan? What is the most important feature of your travel backpack?

NayoSmart provided our family with Nayo EXP Travel Back Pack for review. As always, all opinions are my own, and I am not being compensated for a positive review. Thank you to NayoSmart for sponsoring this post.

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Nayo EXP Backpack Review
Nayo EXP Backpack Review

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  1. Excellent in-depth review of the Backpack. Thank you for sharing. I will think and look forward to buying the Backpack. I am very impressed with the presentation and honest in-depth review of your post. I generally followup and read your posts when I get a chance and found a very interesting write-up and extensive information. I am sure others too get useful information like me from your blog posts. Keep going…great work..!!

  2. Amy L Coats

    I can’t believe how much you can fit in this backpack! I love all of the compartments. I am always looking for a good travel bag.

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    This backpack seems to be a good carry on luggage bag. I am a frequent traveler and I know how much struggle is to keep rolling my carry on luggage with wheels. I really like the expandable feature of this backpack as I got choice to use it in compress or expanded mode. I like your practical mindset to use laptop compartment for light clothes or socks as I do it sometimes when I don’t carry my gadgets. I was looking to buy a backpack and your post on backpack review popped up on right time. Keep doing awesome work.

  4. Excellent review. I recently started using a backpack as well. So much easier! This one has everything too! Looks good, love the secret pocket, the external usb, and I especially like that it opens right out like a suitcase. You fit so much into it, and yet it was still manageable. Looking forward to getting one.

  5. makemeupblogs

    This backpack sounds excellent for anyone who likes to enjoy the outdoors! Will look into it for my boyfriend!

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    I’m also a nature lover! Hiking with my family is one of my favorite things =) Thank you for the thorough post! I have never heard of that brand before, but will keep it in mind. It’s amazing how many things you were able to fit into that backpack!

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    Oh my!! You can fit so much and I love all the compartments/pockets! The design is also great, I love the “clean” visual. Have to check this one out!

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